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1. General description
Vevor is a leading and emerging company in manufacturer and exporting business, has been focused on cross-border export e-commerce for more than 10 years. Specialized in Business and Industrial Products, Kitchenware, Machinery Tools, Sporting Goods, Pet Products, Home and Garden products, always committed in supplying an incredible assortment of great quality products with unbeatable prices.

We buy products directly from manufacturers who supply branded products of excellent quality and sell at an affordable price. Our products meet professional standards and stay tough after long haul. We hope that in our store you can find products with high quality at low price. Our products meet professional standards and stay tough after long haul. We hope that you will find products with high quality at low price in our store.

2. Commissions of the Affiliate Program
New user 3%
Existing user 1%

3. Benefits of the Affiliate Program
Cookie lifetime: 45 days
Website CR 3%
Minimum order value $300
Incentive campaign

4. Accepted and Prohibited promotional methods
4.1. Accepted promotion methods:
Mobile traffic
Google CSS
Targeted ads
Content site
Affiliate stores and price comparison services
Loyalty programs
Coupon services
YouTube Channel
Groups and Blogs on Social Media
Email Marketing
Banner and teaser advertising

Prohibited promotion methods:
SEM - requires approval
PopUp / ClickUnder
Lead call
API traffic
Brand bidding

5. Target audience
The below list of countries: US, UK, CA, AU, FR, DE, IT, ES, NL, BE, AU, DK

6. Other useful information
In connection with the attribution model, the partnership involves last click, so that the advertiser will generate and approve the commissions only if the affiliate is the last to send the user before the conversion.
For any additional questions that may arise related to the program, we are at your disposal through the internal messaging of the platform.

There is also the possibility that the approval period of the commissions will exceed 90 days.