1.General description
See Tickets is one of the biggest ticketing companies all over the world, serving more than 8000 promoters, concerts, festivals, venues, sporting events, parks and exhibitions across Europe, UK and North America.
See Tickets in a few figures :
1.5 million visits per month, 60% on cell phones
2 million tickets sold each year
50% of users are under 35 years old

2.Commissions of the Affiliate Program
Paid order 0.55% commission

3.Benefits of the Affiliate Program
Regularly updated offers & completely free to use
Ongoing support from a dedicated and experienced team
You can choose from a wide range of promotional methods
Cookie lifetime: 30 days
A large choice of content at your disposal (banners, GIFs, logo…)
The entire See Tickets catalog available as an XML feed
Exclusive or promotional events

4.Accepted and Prohibited promotional methods
Accepted promotion methods:
PopUp / ClickUnder - Needs approval
Content site
Affiliate stores and price comparison services
Loyalty programs
Coupon services
Groups and blogs on social Media
Email Marketing

Prohibited promotion methods:
Mobile traffic
Targeted ads
Brand bidding

5.Target audience
France users only
1.5 million visits per month, 60% on cell phones
50% of users are under 35 years old

6. Other useful information
In connection with the attribution model, the partnership involves last click, so that the advertiser SeeTIckets FR will generate and approve the commissions only if the affiliate is the last to send the user before the conversion.
For any additional questions that may arise related to the program, we are at your disposal through the internal messaging of the platform.
IMPORTANT: Affiliates without complete profile (Description, Websites and Promoting countries) will be treated preferentially.