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Pick N Dazzle is the European platform for curated beauty on subscription. Our first market is Romania where we operate since 2015

We sell Beauty boxes, sets of products, not individual products. The products in the boxes are full size, original from the brands and high quality.

We have 2 main categories of boxes:

  1. Seasonal boxes - pre-fixed sets of products. They are very easy to buy, with or without registration, with big discounts from the RRP of the individual products in the box. For seasonal boxes we offer 7% commission. Usually they are selling very well and very easy. Seasonal boxes comprise 60% to 80% from all orders.

  2. Personal boxes on subscription in 3 price levels, Sleek box (economical), Dazzling box (mid-priced), Premium box. Each box can be purchased for 1, 3 or 6 months, No prepayment for the subscription, every box is paid when delivered. The personal box is purchased in 4 steps: Registration, Complete Beauty profile, Order box, Select products in the box. For personal boxes we offer 7% commission over the value of the first order from the subscription.

Statistics: New orders from total visitors 2% up to 3.5% in the strongest months; Started subscriptions from completed Beauty profiles 10%; Average order 30 EUR net of VAT; 6% not picked orders from shipped orders. In Romania some customers cancel their orders by sending cancellation e-mail before the order is shipped.

For orders generated by 2Performant affiliates the only commission that is paid is the one generated and recorded on the 2Performant platform, the commissions stated and calculated in this program.