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Manini has toys for children between 3months - 6 years.

We proud ourselves with toys that have stories.

The famous psychotherapist dr. Cristian Andrei, author of the parenting book "Am fost odata ca niciodata" (Link here: https://www.manini.ro/jocuri-si-puzzle/jucarii-educative/carte-am-fost-odata-ca-niciodata-dr-cristian-andrei-parea-i-pentru-un-bun-inceput-de-viata-022299.html ) wrote stories for some of our Manini toys.

The aim is to develop the imagination of the kids while playing with cool and exciting toys. Many of the parents complain of the fact that the kids only play 2-3 times with the toy and after they get easily bored and just throw it away.

This way, we fill in 2 needs: we improve the kids creativity and imagination and add life to the toy.

we create a stron bond between the kid and the parent, the parent starts telling the story and the kid thinks with the parent how to cfreate a new story every day, making time spent together more valuable.

This way the kid never gets bored of his toy.

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