To all our partners/affiliates we are offering a pair of our eyewear. Please, choose your desired :) Holy Wood Eyewear was born from a need for self-expression and spiritual as well as personal improvement. We chose to express ourselves through the most natural material possible - wood. It's warm, it's very light, it's never the same, it's one of the hardest to work with. It's a challenge. That's why it's the right material. At Holy Wood Eyewear we embrace challenges because that's the only path towards the improvement. Holy Wood Eyewear is not one of those names in a chase of temporary fashion and fast profit, but rather of style and independent perception of what might be right for an individual. We are not connoisseurs of fashion, we are students of life, students of nature of things and the essence of the existence. We see spectacles as a mean to look deeper into what we at Holy Wood Eyewear are and how to make us and our clients better at what they wish to be and how they wish to look. That's why you will be seeing us improving, that's why you should get at least a pair of our glasses, so you could be part of a history of our mutual personal evolution. Exclusive designs, small quantities, holy dreams. That's our advantage.