EMAT revives the forgotten niche of the Romanian textile industry.
EMAT is a modern brand for independent women.

Now is no longer just a textile factory, but a place where the new trends and the practical reality join for beginning a new milestone after 25 years of experience.

EMAT Concept introduces on the local market the brand which is born at the equilibrium point between fast-fashion and designer-fashion.
EMAT manifesto:
We found the balance between fashion and attitude.
We took our 20 years’ experience in the textile industry, unfold it and then cut it in a new business model.
We sew together concepts and ideas and made more than clothes – we gave shape to the attitude that makes you who you are. In other words, we opened a new division: the style factory.

EMAT are produse 100% Made in Romania. Gama de produse include: bluze, camasi, rochii si fuste

Colaboram cu mai multe corporatii pentru a oferi discount angajatelor care achizitoneaza de la noi folosind codurile comunicate.
EMAT profiling:
• 29-38 ani
• Sex feminin
• Bucuresti, Cluj, iasi, Timisoara, Constanta, Brasov;
• Studii superioare
• Venit mediu-mare
• Lucreaza intr-o companie mare
• Este cel putin intr-o pozitie de mid manager
• Are un stil de viata foarte activ:
cariera- familie- ingrijirea casei- dezvoltare profesionala

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Comision afiliați: 12%
Cookie life: 1 lună
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