1. General description
Edraw, as a company, we're now helping our existing and new customers do mind mapping, Gant charts, infographic and more, quickly and better.
At Edraw, we focus on creating products that make our users lives more accessible and efficient. Wondershare is a platform of products that are simple, easy, and don't need a big learning curve.
Edraw software includes professional and versatile all-in-one diagramming and mind mapping tools.

2. Commissions of the Affiliate Program
Paid order 30% commission

3. Benefits of the Affiliate Program
Regularly updated offers & completely free to use
6+ products and 6%+ conversion rate
You can choose from a wide range of promotional methods
Cookie lifetime: 90 days
50+ creatives covering text links, banners, coupons and deals

4. Accepted and Prohibited promotional methods
4.1. Accepted promotion methods:
Content site
Affiliate stores and price comparison services
Loyalty programs
Coupon services
YouTube Channel
Groups and blogs on social Media
Email Marketing
Banner and teaser advertising
Google Ads Landing Page and Direct Link

4.2. Prohibited promotion methods:
Targeted ads
Lead call
Brand bidding

5. Top products
Wondershare EdrawMax:professional and versatile all-in-one diagramming and mind mapping tools.
Wondershare EdrawMind: A versatile mind mapping tool for collaborative brainstorming.

6. Other useful information
In connection with the attribution model, the partnership involves last click, so that the advertiser will generate and approve the commissions only if the affiliate is the last to send the user before the conversion.
For any additional questions that may arise related to the program, we are at your disposal through the internal messaging of the platform.

Please be informed that, Edrawsoft WW enables Anti-piracy Monitoring Software, kindly ask you:
Do not use “crack, cracked” keywords in your promotion of the program.