*We offer 12% for our partners with the possibility to raise this percentage to 25% based on the results and the communication with him.

*The payment will be made in the shortest time available on the platform.

*We are interested in partners to promote and sell our products in Romania and also all over Europe.

About us in a few sentences:

Our Name is Cesiro, our brands are Cesiro and Cesiro Dinnerware Producer Since 1957.

We are one of the biggest producers in Europe of DINNERWARE.

Our offices and factory are located in Romania in the city Sighisoara.

Our brand is well known because we sell to very big stores like IKEA, METRO, CAREFFOUR, DEDEMAN, KAUFLAND, etc.

We developed the online presence projects two years ago and since then we are selling all over Europe with very good delivery costs. We work with UPS, Sameday, and Fan Courier.

Our main products categories for the online market are:

-         Porcelain & Ceramic Dinnerware/Tableware

-         Wood Chopping Boards

-         Porcelain & Ceramic Versatile Decorated Dinnerware

-         Horeca(Hotels, Restaurants,Coffee Shops) specific Dinnerware/Tableware

-         Drinking glasses from glass material of all types

-         Premium Silverware

-         Porcelain & Ceramic Heat Resistant Products for cooking and baking

-         Kitchen Accessories

-         Mugs & Cups & Saucers

  1. Competition: We can say that we have no competition because we produce them and we are the only ones who have so versatile catalog of Decorated Dinnerware/Tableware.

  2. Products: We produce and sell a very requested and necessary product for every human on earth. We sell all types of plates, mugs, cups, and glasses, that people change it at least 5 times per year, because they break them, or they renovated the house, or they want something new that’s in trend.

  3. Good Conversion Rates: Our affiliate program offers high-quality products that are in demand by consumers, which can result in higher conversion rates for our affiliates. We work hard to ensure that our products are competitive in the market, making it easier for affiliates to sell them to their audience.

  4. Fast Approval: We understand that time is valuable for our affiliates, so we strive to review their applications quickly and get them approved as soon as possible. This allows them to start promoting our products right away, without any delays.

  5. Bonuses for Best Performers: We value our top-performing affiliates and offer them bonuses in the form of higher commission rates, cash bonuses, or other incentives. We believe in rewarding our affiliates for their hard work and dedication to promoting our brand.

  6. Real-Time Communication: We offer real-time communication and support to our affiliates, which includes access to a dedicated affiliate manager. Our affiliate manager is always available to answer any questions or concerns that our affiliates may have, and they also keep them informed about any new products or changes to the program.

Overall, our affiliate program is designed to provide our affiliates with the tools and resources they need to succeed. We believe in building strong relationships with our affiliates and working together to achieve our goals.

With love and trust,