1.General description
The Bonprix department store belongs to the largest concern of this type in the world - OTTO Versand in Hamburg. Bonprix operates in the largest European countries: Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, England, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Russia, Slovakia and Hungary.
They have been providing services in the Czech Republic since 2004.
At Bonprix, people shop without worries. All products are subject to an advantageous system of returning and claiming goods. The products included in the catalog are imported from all over the world. Stall of the largest number of products and production under the upcoming Bonprix range.
The Bonprix clients mainly consist of women. It also offers goods for men and children. In the Bonprix catalog collection, everyone will find something attractive for themselves, in all sizes and at a good price.

2. Commissions of the Affiliate Program
Paid order 4.67% commission

3. Benefits of the Affiliate Program
Regularly updated offers & completely free to use
Ongoing support from a dedicated and experienced team
You can choose from a wide range of promotional methods
Cookie lifetime: 14 days

4. Accepted and Prohibited promotional methods
Accepted promotion methods:
YouTube Channel
Incentive Needs approval
Groups and blogs on social Media Needs approval
PopUp / ClickUnder
Email Marketing
Banner and teaser advertising
Coupon services
Prohibited promotion methods:
Lead call
API traffic
Brand bidding

5. Other useful information
In connection with the attribution model, the partnership involves last click, so that the advertiser will generate and approve the commissions only if the affiliate is the last to send the user before the conversion.
For any additional questions that may arise related to the program, we are at your disposal through the internal messaging of the platform.

Negative keywords:
Attention! SEM on BRAND is strictly forbidden.